VORTEX - FDA Services:

• Downloading and archiving QAR or SSFDR files through secured ftp transfers,
• Organizing archives for original data files,
• Processing data through "VORTEX",
• Displaying results with "VORTEX" on several hardware/OS,
• Enabling exchanges between Flight Safety Department and Pilots,
• Creating periodic statistical reports,
• Creating files for direct input in Engines Trend Monitoring systems.

VORTEX - Mobile:

• Available on any tablet OS System (IOS, Android, Windows),
• Full flight vizualization for pilots on their sole activity,
• Access to the reporting system inside "VORTEX",
• Possibility to replay flights with TRI/TRE for line training.

VORTEX - Safety Management System:

• Creating occurrences from reports or events detected in FDA,
• Managing occurrences linking all reports made from different authors on the same event,
• Reporting management functions (E5X format supported),
• Risk cartography and bowtie construction tools.

VORTEX - Other functions:

• Personal performance,
• Statistics,
• Access to publications.
• Use of captain's discretion linked to reports established.


Regulatory data analysis to ensure proper functioning of flight recorders.

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    We develop and use our own software for FDA, SMS, Readouts.
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    We manage archives for flights raw data, checking that data are present and always available.
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    We develop and present statistics adapted to each customer needs.
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    Data safety

    All data are recorded on secured servers located in France and compliant with all regulations requirements


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