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    FOQA - FDM Vortex 2.0

    Your flight visualization tool, on PC, MAC, Tablets.
    Data flights archiving, event detection, pilot reports, analyzed flight data and visualization cockpit instruments, maps, trajectories ...

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    FOQA - Personnal performance

    This service helps your pilots
    to know better,
    and therefore increases the safety of your flights.

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    Maintenance - Readout SSFDR

    With our Flight Data Monitoring Experience,
    we offer the checking parameters
    of your SSFDR.

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New version of Vortex on PC, Mac and Tablets

Experience makes the difference !

For several years French Flight Safety benefitted large international airline expertise on flight safety. The flight analysis is a tool for security and the overall performance of your company in fields as varied as the training of crews, fuel savings, or maintenance of your aircraft. Your goals are ours.

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    Dialogue with Pilots

    From the creation of our company we have implemented the feedback. Since 2005, our customers can provide access to flights to stimulate feedback on the detected events.
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    Tools for operator decision

    Aid decision for planning to ensure the level of performance of your pilots.
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    Online Softwares

    We develop all our applications internally, this allows us to make custom developments. Each customer can choose the options and features tailored to their needs.

Vortex for Pilots

News for 2015, our tool 'Vortex 2.0' is accessible by each pilot. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to send a request to the pilot. Now, the pilot has access to all of these flights. He can see the detected events, but also customized statistics

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    The pilot can visualize all these flights with cockpit instruments, horizontal trajectory, vertical trajectory, 3D trajectory... It's possible to replay the flight.

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    The safety manager chooses the statistics that appear in the pilot profile

    icon Confidential Reporting

    It is a place of communication with the safety manager

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    Analysed flights
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    Confidential Reports
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    Number of aircraft type
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    Number of analysed aircraft

Florent Bonnevie CEO FFS

With over 10 years of experience in the flight data monitoring and IT development, our listening, toughness and expertise in aviation project and to accompany you to maintain an excellent level of safety.