"How to manage fatigue risk induced by rostering?"

Fatigue Insight Risk Safety Tool

Analysis of crew rosters to evaluate a fatigue risk level. Analysis is based on both medical models regarding fatigue, but also on specific elements linked to flight types, network, organization..

Specifications :

  • Crew rosters analysis (linked to regulation aspects such as EASA ORO.FTL);
  • Fatigue risk analysis based on surveys among crew members, in partnership with Richard Bonnier - SynRjy;
  • Determination of fatigue level "weights" linked to airline specificity, such as network, FDP's length, number of legs per FDP, night flights, in-flight rest, rest periods;
  • Presentation of fatigue risk level per crew member and per flight leg, including capability of detection of crew matching risk level;
  • Possible correlation with FDA within VORTEX.
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